Outdoor cooking has always been wildly popular in the South, but for Floridians it’s an art form. Long seasons of balmy weather coupled with our willingness to throw a party for virtually any reason (hurricane? First day of summer? Completely random Tuesday?) has our outdoor entertaining game always on point. A grill and some deck chairs can get the job done, but why not take it to the next level with a complete outdoor kitchen and patio area? Here are four reasons why we love the growing trend of outdoor kitchens, and why you should too!
1. They make entertaining bigger and better
House parties can be fun, but they can also get a little crowded. An outdoor kitchen and living area ensures that your parties will never be cramped and that everyone will be able to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather. You’ll also avoid being cooped up in a hot kitchen while your guests mingle–cooking and entertaining outdoors frees you up to socialize while prepping and serving delicious eats, and keeps you from having to make tiresome trips to and from the indoors for seconds, refills, and snacks, and cups.

2. They’re clean and energy efficient
Love cooking, but hate dreaded cooking odors? With an outdoor kitchen you can keep your tummy full of delicious food and your home free of smoky, greasy smells. Most outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories are made out of stainless steel and are a breeze to clean. They’re also more energy efficient than indoor cooking methods, as your AC has to work doubly hard to cool your house down when you use your oven or stove.

3. They’re healthier
Ok, so barbecue is an outdoor cooking method that will probably never top the list of most healthful foods, but grilling has long been recognized as a healthy cooking alternative. Because grilled food retains little fat and relies on marinades and rubs for flavor instead of oil, butter, and grease, they’re generally better for your waistline. Grilling also helps food retain more flavor, ultimately resulting in a healthier, tastier meal.
4. They add value to your home
Homes with outdoor kitchens are well-known to have a high rate of return on investment. Not only do they give your home’s total living space more mileage and offer you years of rewarding entertaining experiences, but they also make a home more enticing to potential home buyers. Outdoor entertaining is integral to the Central Florida lifestyle we love in Marion County, and having an outdoor kitchen makes that lifestyle accessible to those who view your listing.

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