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History Reinvents

From the outset of its development in the 1980’s, the Ocala Jockey Club was envisioned as an equestrian farm community and international resort destination for all who love horses. Over thirty years later, with its luxury townhomes in a classic farm setting to world-class training and boarding facilities, the 950-acre Ocala Jockey club is an equestrian paradise in the heart of horse country. But that’s not all that makes the Ocala Jockey Club a phenomenal enclave for equestrians…

The Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event

November 15th – 18th, the Ocala Jockey Club Farm hosts their 3-Day International Event, a showcase of Olympic-level eventing competitors from over 171 riders from 10 countries: Australia, Barbados, Canada, Ecuador, el Salvador, Great Britain, Hungary, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and the United States, including Jennie Brannigan, Katie Ruppel, Phillip Dutton and more. Many competotors are coming off of a world class competition at the 2018 World Equestrian games in Tryon International Equestrian Center. The courses themselves have been meticulously crafted by Mike Etherington-Smith, designer of the courses used for the Sydney and Beijing Olympic games, and were wildly praised last year for their challenge and fairness. Clayton Fredericks is also back to design the CCI1* and CCI2* courses. The cross-country builder/artist Tyson Rementer and his crew helped to build the courses.

Photo Credit: Sally Moehring

Are you a spectator and wondering how the 3- Day Eventing works?  Here are some competition highlights to keep you on point with all to activities throughout the weekend.

Competition Highlights

Dressage (Thursday and Friday) While this phase doesn’t have the same adrenaline component as cross-country or show-jumping, it takes enormous skill, training and concentration for the horse and rider to be in tune with each other’s movements in these highly technical and precise maneuvers. The dressage test in the program will help you follow along this part of the event.

Cross-Country (CCI1*/2*/3* Saturday, CIC3* Sunday) As the feature and special phase of the 3- Day Event, there are a few things to know. There are maps in the program and drawings on the CIC3* jumps so you see what obstacles the competitors face.

Show Jumping (CIC3* Saturday, CCI1*/ 2*/3* Sunday) As with the other two phases, please maintain respectful silence while the competitor is jumping, to allow for concentration by the horse and rider. Applause is welcome at the end of the ride.

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The Ocala Jockey Club International 3-Day Event has something for everyone! For more information about this world class competition and Florida family fun, check out the event experience overview. Tickets can be purchased here. 
We look forward to seeing you there!