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Erica Kaine

Erica Kaine


• Licensed in VA, NC, FL
• Owner/Breeder of Magnolia Kennels (raises purebred Dogo Argentinos)
• Ocala/Marion County Association of Realtors
• North Carolina Association of Realtors

Originally from Newport News, Virginia, Erica got her real estate license in North Carolina, specializing in residential real estate with an early focus in property management for real estate companies, then as a title agent, where she met and worked closely with the realtors, buyers, and sellers.

“I would watch them and how they were so in charge of their own work life, and I really wanted that for myself,” she says. “Being my own boss and earning a living on my own terms appealed to me.”

Surprisingly, she didn’t go straight into selling real estate; instead, she created and developed a consulting career as a professional organizer, carefully building a successful business over the following three years, becoming so much in demand that she was considering hiring some staff to take the bulk of the workload. Meanwhile she was keeping current on her real estate knowledge, with an eye towards eventually diving into it.

She and her partner have family here in Ocala, and new business opportunities in Marion County presented themselves at just the right time. “I needed a change,” she says.

After obtaining her Florida REALTOR® license, she expected to interview with multiple agencies before she found the right one, but it turned out that a favorite aunt had a friend who worked at Showcase.

“It was the perfect fit.” Erica declares. “I canceled all my other interviews even before I met with Valerie; that’s how sure I was that it was the right place for me. I didn’t even have a Plan B!”

Turns out her gut feeling was right, and after meeting with them, it was even stronger. She liked Showcase’s professional standard and the interactive, supportive environment, which was important to her. She knew it would be vital for her mental and professional growth as she focuses work on residential and leased homes, as well as horse farm properties.

“The biggest thing for me is to feel I’m not alone,” she explains. “I wanted to be able to have guidance when I needed it, a team to rely on, and a company I feel wants me to excel and succeed. The fact I was able to find it practically on Day One told me I made the right decision.”     |     757.938.0002 Cell      |      View My Listings