Discovering Ocala, one gif at a time.

Curious about what awaits you in Ocala? Here’s an animated tour of what every day life for locals is like in the horse capital of the world!

Seeing John Travolta in Publix:

"Oh. My. God."


When the new parking garage opened downtown:

"This is the best day of. My. Life."



Passing your favorite Horse Fever statue in town:

"Dear god, it's beautiful!"



Experiencing your first sun shower:




When someone drives like a maniac past you while you’re out riding:

Glaring intensifies.



When someone LITERALLY HONKS at you while you’re out riding:

"You have made my life a nightmare!"


Dealing with downtown traffic at lunchtime:

"Oh god."



Trying to decide what to eat at Mojo’s:

"I want it all, I want it all!"


When you drive past a mini-donkey farm and the cuteness overload almost makes you cause a major pile-up:

"This is too much."



That first bite of Feta’s moussaka:

Awe intensifies.


Adapting to the “four seasons in a day” phenomenon:

"I was dying earlier today. And then I died. Now I'm dead."



When you catch people driving by real slow to look at your horses:

"I know this is a trap, but I don't know how."


Dealing with I-75 traffic when it’s gameday in Gainesville:




When it’s January and your friends from up North are texting you about being stuck in a blizzard while you’re sipping margaritas by your pool:

"Sucks to suck."



Trying to decide what to drink at Infinity Ale Works:

".... Everything."



Going to the tack shop “just for some fly spray and horse treats” and coming out with a new saddle, new riding boots, and every grooming tool in stock:

"I regret nothing."



When you step outside one day and suddenly your neighbor has a pasture full of baby goats:

"I never want to leave this town."