It’s hurricane season again—that magical time of year full of plywood, milk and eggs, and all the bottled water that will fit into your pantry. Whether it’s your first hurricane season or your twentieth, every Marion County resident can relate to these summer storm experiences.

Racing to Publix as soon as the prediction model comes out…



…but no matter how early you leave, the store always looks like this.


Watching everyone go for the super-perishable bread, milk, and eggs.



Checking for the millionth time whether you live in a flood zone.



When the weatherman says to buy plenty of water, but everyone knows what you’re really going to stock up on.



Getting hyped for your hurricane party…



…but also being reeeeal worried about your horses.



When the weatherman starts getting really excited because this is the one time a year anyone cares about meteorological science.



Wishing Jim Cantore would come to Ocala but knowing he never will because trees falling over isn’t as exciting as giant storm surge waves on the coast.



Trying to get some sleep, but every impossible thing that could happen to your horses starts going through your head.

 seinfeld nightmare jerry seinfeld oh no awake GIF



You during your first hurricane season.


You during your tenth hurricane season.

Image result for tony stark gif



What your friends and family up North think is happening.



What actually happens.



Surviving your first hurricane and feeling like the awesome, invincible Floridian you are.

For more info on hurricane season and how you and your family can prepare, check out our hurricane preparedness blog! You can also contact a Showcase team member for trusted local resources and how to know if your home is hurricane-ready.