They say buying a home is one of, if not the most, important transactions of your life. Here are some of the joys and struggles you can expect from the stressful but incredibly rewarding process.

When you bite the bullet and seriously commit to shopping for a home


Joy. Excitement. Sheer mortal terror. All just a normal part of the home buying experience.

Building your dream home in your head

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“…and the recreation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon can go right next to the 50-stall thoroughbred barn…”

The reality check of what you can actually afford

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Maybe save the combination sushi house/private fine art gallery/recording studio for when you win big on Jeopardy.

Making yourself appealing to lenders for preapproval


“As you can see my good sir, our credit score is, as they say, on point.”

Synchronizing schedules with your spouse for showings


“We’d both love to come see the house, Mrs. Realtor, but that would require tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time and breaking several laws of physics.”

When the photos show a mansion, but the reality is more of a matchbox

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Apparently “cozy” means “looks like we’ll be sleeping on top of the fridge”

Trying to envision your dream decorating scheme at a crowded open house



“I need you all to leave so I can create an interior design masterpiece, thank you for your understanding.”

Finding the perfect house…

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“It’s amazing, bring out the closing papers, we’re ready to sign!”

…in the worst neighborhood


“Did I say ‘sign’? I meant ‘burn’. Just burn every document related to this godforsaken place, bye.”

Finding the perfect home for the perfect price


So close! It’s almost yours!

What the bidding war feels like

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Bring it on.

Rebutting counteroffers


Serpentine! Zig zag!

The day you get the keys in hand

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“Mine. Mine. ALLLL MIIIINE.”

Waking up in your new home for the first time


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Here’s to a lifetime of happy homeownership!