The Jetsons may have been a little more ahead of their time than they thought.

During both its runs during the 60s and 80s, popular cartoon The Jetsons entertained kids with its fanciful and often zany version of a technologically advanced future. While we don’t have flying cars (yet), much of the advanced tech used in the Jetson family is now a reality only 50 years after the show first aired. Here are some Space Age conveniences you share with the citizens of Orbit City

Flat screen TV's are the standard now.
Flatscreen TVs

Television design has come a long way since the device became ubiquitous in American homes during the mid-20th century. What began as a big, clunky box that took up a great deal of living room space has transformed into a nearly paper-thin screen that can hang on a wall as easily as a picture frame. Kids in the 60s dreamed of watching cartoons on George Jetson’s flatscreen that lowered from the ceiling—now all grown up, they can watch shows like Game of Thrones and House of Cards on almost the exact same model that can be stored in either the floor or the ceiling with a TV concealment system.

Not quite as charming as Rosie, the Roomba is a common gadget now.
Robot Maids

Ok, so we haven’t gotten to widely available androids yet like Rosie yet, but a Roomba might be the next best thing. Today’s automated cleaning devices are getting better and better, and promise to free up a ton of monotonous cleaning time for homeowners everywhere. Roombas in particular are small, easy to use, and require minimum maintenance. Plus, they don’t give you any sass! It’s only a matter of time until houses are practically self-cleaning

The Jetsons didn't quite say "Hey Alexa," but plenty of families do now.
Voice Technology

Thanks to modern technology, homeowners in 2017 have the luxury of being able to shut up their alarm clocks by yelling at them just like George Jetson. And while he only had a talking alarm clock, today’s homeowners have even more voice technology and devices available to them. Voice interface products like Amazon’s Echo can play music for you, tell you directions to the nearest French restaurant, and even order products online. Apple’s Siri works similarly—and has become such a cultural fixture that Spike Jonze wrote a romance film starring a Siri-like AI in 2013.

Smart homes, anyone?
Smart Houses

Almost everything in the Jetsons’ home can be accessed with a spoken phrase or the touch of a button. Technology is poised to make the same possible for today’s homeowners with so-called “smart homes.” Smart homes are homes whose systems–lighting, heating, HVAC, entertainment, and more–are connected and accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer. While not as ubiquitous as flatscreens or even Roombas, the smart home market is growing and will likely become a real estate market staple in the coming years as “smart” technology becomes cheaper.


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