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Episode Thirteen: Harnessing Health Equine Worker Health Initiative

by Discover Ocala | Season 1, Episode 13

About Discover Ocala

Discover Ocala was created to spotlight the many facets of our Central Florida community that create a positive and impactful difference in the lives of residents in the Ocala and Marion County Area. Hosted by Valerie Dailey, the podcast focuses on recognizing unique organizations, charities, local businesses, individuals, and community efforts throughout the area that change each episode. Each episode will also feature a unique guest who has been invited to join us and discuss more about the organization, charity, business, or effort that they are representing!
Episode 12 | Seminole Feed


In episode 13 of Discover Ocala, host Valerie Dailey learns more about AdventHealth Ocala Foundation’s latest initiative– Harnessing Health, an Equine Worker Health Initiative. Harnessing Health is a brand new initiative that plans to reduce the barriers to health care for equine workers throughout Marion County.

Join Valerie as she sits down with Amy Mangan, the Executive Director of the AdventHealth Ocala Foundation, to share the inspiring story behind Harnessing Health. We also get into the intention behind the initiative, plans for the future, and how YOU can get involved in supporting this worthwhile cause.

Tune in to Discover Ocala as we take a closer look at Harnessing Health!

Learn more about Harnessing Health Equine Worker Health Initiative or donate today at:

Episode 12 | Seminole Feed


Join us in the latest episode of Discover Ocala, where host Valerie Dailey explores the captivating story behind one of the area’s most distinctive institutions – Seminole Feed.

Listen along to Valerie as she engages in a captivating conversation with David Stephens, VP of Sales & Operations, and Angie Crawford, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Seminole Feed. Together, they discuss the remarkable journey of this local gem, from its modest beginnings in Ocala to its growth into an almost nation-wide presence.

Delve into the history, development, and unique characteristics of Seminole Feed’s products, alongside exclusive insights into their mill tours and much more. As a cherished part of Marion County’s history and a recognizable landmark near Downtown Ocala, Seminole Feed holds a special place in the hearts of locals and beyond.

Tune in to Discover Ocala as we shine a spotlight on Seminole Feed, sharing the stories that make our community a place we love to live!

Learn more about the Seminole Feed at:

Episode 11 |UF/IFAS Marion County Master Gardeners


Join host Valerie Dailey in Episode 11 as she delves into the vibrant world of Marion County’s UF/IFAS Master Gardeners. These dedicated volunteers, under the guidance of the Horticulture Extension Agent, are the backbone of green initiatives across the county.

From nurturing youth education to crafting captivating landscapes rooted in Florida-Friendly principles, the Master Gardeners offer an invaluable wealth of expertise to local residents.

Meet Dianne Busch, the passionate President and Youth Director, and Jeremy Rhoden, the knowledgeable Urban & Residential Horticulture Agent and Volunteer Coordinator, as they share the captivating history, mission, and involvement opportunities with the Master Gardeners. Plus, get a sneak peek at the exciting events lined up for the first half of 2024!

Tune in to cultivate your curiosity and learn how you can join this thriving green community!

Learn more about the UF/IFAS Marion County Master Gardeners:

See upcoming events with the Master Gardeners:

Episode 10 | Karen & Shannon Cobbs of Grandview Clydesdales


In Episode 10 of Discover Ocala, we meet with Karen and Shannon Cobbs, co-owners of Grandview Clydesdales to discuss their numerous contributions to Ocala’s equestrian excellence. Karen and Shannon are not only the co-owners of Grandview Clydesdale Farm, but also the creators and hosts of the only elite level draft horse show located right here in the Horse Capital of the World®.

Featuring Clydesdales, Belgians, and Percherons, Grandview Invitational and Grandview World Nights are a thunderous, thrilling experience where power, grace, and spectacle collide. Since its inaugural year in 2019, Grandview Invitational has grown year after year, now spanning two events at both the Florida Horse Park (Grandview Invitational) and the World Equestrian Center (Grandview World Nights).

Grandview Invitational comes to the Florida Horse Park starting on Thursday, February 1st 2024 and runs through Saturday, February 3rd 2024.

The following week, spectators can enjoy Grandview World Nights at the World Equestrian Center starting on Thursday, February 8th and runs through Saturday, February 10th 2024.

To purchase your tickets for Grandview Invitational or to learn more, visit:

To purchase your. tickets for Grandview World Nights or to learn more, visit:

To learn more about Grandview Clydesdale Farms or to schedule a tour, visit:

Episode 9 | Dawn Bowman with the Ocala Downtown Market


In our latest episode of Discover Ocala, our host Valerie Dailey meets with Dawn Bowman, the current Director of the Ocala Downtown Market and REALTOR® with Showcase Properties of Central Florida. Dawn shares her experience with growing a successful weekly market, working with directly vendors, and unique events and experiences available at the market.

Dawn also shares with us some of the items on sale weekly at the market, courtesy of small business owners located right here in Central Florida– a perfect option for those looking to get some holiday shopping done ahead of December! The Ocala Downtown Market takes place year-round at The Market Pavilion on every Saturday, rain or shine! Located on SE 3rd Street, the visitors can explore a huge variety of farmers, artisans, craftspeople, and food trucks!


For more information on the Ocala Downtown Market, visit their website at:


Episode 8 | Jaye Baillie of the Marion Cultural Alliance


Join us for the latest episode of Discover Ocala as our host, Valerie Dailey, sits with guest Jaye Baillie, the executive director of the Marion Cultural Alliance. In this episode, Valerie and Jaye discuss Jaye’s Top 10 Cultural landmarks, Ocala’s art community, giving back to area artists, and the impacts of local arts and culture. MCA is a local 501(c)3, which was established in 2001. The organization’s mission is to champion, convene, and create opportunities for artists and arts organizations alike. The MCA supports activities relating to the arts, historical and scientific museums, and specific education through grants, advocacy, fundraising, and partnerships. MCA also operates the Brick City Center for the Arts– a popular gallery located right in historic downtown Ocala. With monthly rotating exhibits, the Brick offers a look at local art each and every month. For more information on the Marion Cultural Alliance, visit their website at:

Episode 7 | The Junior League of Ocala

In the latest episode of the Discover Ocala podcast, we delve into the heart of community empowerment and engagement! Join our guest host, Samantha Dailey– a dedicated member of the Junior League of Ocala and REALTOR® at Showcase Properties of Central Florida– as she leads an insightful conversation about The Junior League of Ocala. Joining her are two remarkable guests, Sara Lambert, the current President of the league, and Ashlee Anderson, the current Community Impact Director. Tune in as they illuminate the inspiring journey of The Junior League of Ocala, an assembly of women committed to guiding women’s leadership towards genuine community transformation through volunteer initiatives, dynamic collaborations, and purposeful training. This episode delves deep into their mission, shedding light on the league’s impact, upcoming events that promise to shape the local landscape, and diverse pathways for engagement. The Junior League of Ocala equips local women with the tools and training they need to channel their talents and passion into tangible change. The efforts of this unique organization continues to help improve lives throughout Marion County and leaves a lasting influence on the local landscape. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Samantha, Sara, and Ashlee for their valuable time and insights. Their shared perspectives cast a brilliant spotlight on the multifaceted dimensions of the Junior League, offering a glimpse into the many opportunities that await community members ready to make a difference. Don’t miss this engaging episode – a tribute to women’s leadership and the boundless potential of collaborative community action. For more information on the Junior League of Ocala, visit their website at:

Episode 6 | Jennifer Murty of Magnolia Media Company

Join our host, Valerie Dailey, in the latest episode of Discover Ocala! Valerie is joined by Jennifer Murty, the owner of Magnolia Media company. Their endeavors include the publishing The Ocala Gazette, an award-winning independent local newspaper, as well as Ocala Style, a local lifestyle magazine. Together, Valerie and Jennifer discuss different aspects of the journalism experience, including the first amendment, transparency, telling important stories, and the potential of local papers. We were so pleased to have the opportunity to learn more about The Ocala Gazette, and to discuss at length with Jennifer! — For more information on The Ocala Gazette, visit their website at: For more information on Ocala Style, visit their website at:

Episode 5 | Parks and Recreation of Marion County

In the latest episode of Discover Ocala, join our host Valerie Dailey as she sits down with Jim Couillard, the Director of Parks and Recreation for Marion County, and Roxanne Free, a REALTOR® with Showcase Properties of Central Florida. Together, they delve into the plethora of incredible outdoor opportunities that Marion County has in store for its residents and visitors alike! They also discuss the many Camp opportunities that the Parks and Recreation department offers throughout the Summer season, how to get involved, upcoming improvements, and much more! We’re incredibly excited to bring more attention to the many parks and recreation options that the Ocala and Marion County area has to offer– a true gem for our area! Let us know which park is your favorite! For more information on the Parks and Recreation of Marion County, visit their website at:

Episode 4 | Sean Kaplan of Kaplan Media

Join our host, Valerie Dailey, in the fourth episode of our podcast series Discover Ocala as she sits down with a man best known for being behind the scenes and camera, Sean Kaplan! Sean is the Executive Producer of Horse Capital Television and the founder/CEO of Kaplan Media. In this episode, Valerie and Sean discuss Sean’s history in the media field, touch on the importance of story-telling and relationships, and discuss the inner workings of Horse Capital Television, a channel that focuses on telling the stories of Ocala’s unique and varied equestrian landscape. We’re extremely excited to highlight Sean and the incredible work he does for businesses throughout the Ocala area– on full display throughout every episode of Discover Ocala! — For more information on Sean Kaplan and Kaplan Media, visit their website at:

Episode 3 | Katya Vineyards

Join our host, Valerie Dailey, in the third episode of our podcast series Discover Ocala as she sits down with some of the creative forces behind Katya Vineyards, a local family-owned restaurant and winery focused on good food, great company, and incredible wine– all based right here in Ocala, Florida! In this episode, Valerie is joined by three esteemed guests: Patricia Sokol, CFO and founder of Katya Vineyard and member of the Ocala Royal Dames, her daughter Katherine “Kat” Deras, the managing director and owner of Katya Vineyards, and Jody Micilcavage, close family friend, fellow Royal Dame, and REALTOR® with Showcase Properties of Central Florida. Together, they discuss the concept and history of Katya Vineyards– and what the future holds for this unique fine-dining option in Downtown Ocala. Whether you’re a foodie looking for a new spot to try, or a wine enthusiast looking to taste a true Ocala vintage, this episode is a fascinating exploration of truly unique Ocala staple. — For more information on Katya Vineyards, visit their website at:

Episode 2 | HITS Shows

Join our host, Valerie Dailey, in the second episode of our podcast series as she delves into the world of HITS Shows, a prominent name in the Hunter/Jumper horse shows and dressage competitions in the United States. Valerie is joined by three esteemed guests: Joe Norick, the Chief Customer Officer of HITS Shows, Liz Gray, a skilled competitor at HITS and a REALTOR® with Showcase Properties of Central Florida, and Claire Khuen, a former HITS competitor, enthusiast, and REALTOR® with Showcase. Together, they take a closer look at the recent changes to HITS Shows under new ownership, and how these changes are driving a renewed interest in HITS across Ocala and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just interested in learning more about the world of horse shows, this episode promises to be a fascinating exploration of HITS’ evolution and what the future holds. Tune in to discover why HITS Shows is a must-see event for all horse enthusiasts! — For more information on HITS Horse Shows, visit their website at:

Episode 1 | The Southeastern Youth Fair

In our first episode of the Discover Ocala podcast, our host Valerie Dailey sits down with guests Molly Rowe, Clayton Wagner, and Samantha Dailey to discuss the Southeastern Youth Fair, the largest all-youth show in the country! The SEYF is a unique organization that provides Marion County youth the opportunity to learn the importance of agriculture and related industries through competition, exhibition, and enhanced educational opportunities. — For more information on the Southeastern Youth Fair, visit their website at:

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Owner of Showcase Properties of Central Florida since 2013, Valerie specializes in the listing and selling a variety of real estate types, including agricultural, equestrian, residential, land, and commercial properties. Valerie has represented several historic properties throughout her time as a REALTOR®, including Bridlewood Farm, Winding Oaks, Cashel Stud, and many others.