1. Confidence

When looking to a hire an agent, come prepared with interview questions. Responses should be backed with proof and evidence rather than nerves and fast talking. Fast talking with nothing to back up claims is a sure sign the real estate agent doesn’t do the business he or she is claiming to do.

2. Communication

Lack of communication is usually a sign of an inexperienced or incompetent real estate agent. The agent is hired by you and should keep in regular contact. He or she should return your phone calls.

3. Resources

Your agent should always go above and beyond to meet your needs. Placing a for-sale sign in the front yard and putting the house on multiple listing services is not enough. An experienced agent will use all resources, not just one or two.

4. Leadership

When selling a house, you want a real estate agent who will fight to get you the best price possible. Your agent should not fold without a fight when negotiating his or her income with you either. If agents won’t fight for their own income, they won’t fight for yours.

5. Disorganized

Organization is key for any professional, but even more so for real estate agents dealing with paperwork, appointment and deadlines for not just one but many customers. An agent shouldn’t be late, miss deadlines or forget your papers – this can often be the sign of an inexperienced or unprofessional agent.

6. Web Presence

The Internet is a crucial avenue for real estate information and your agent should be on top of it. Agents who are not tech-savvy can hinder your success. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are also used by agents to continuously reach new potential buyers.

7. Desperation

There are many real estate agents who mislead buyers on the true market price of their house in order to get their business. This is often the sign of an agent who is desperate to get work.

8. Advice

An agent should always be giving sound advice and observations to clients in need. This is a part of their job and a lack of this often points to an inexperienced agent.

 9. REALTOR® Versus Agent

A REALTOR® is member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and must abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice enforced by the NAR. A professional Realtor is your best resource when buying your home.

At Showcase Properties of Central Florida our agents are licensed real estate professionals who provide much more than the service of helping you find or sell your home. Realtors are expert negotiators with other agents, seasoned financial advisors for clients and have a deep knowledge of the communities in the geographic areas they serve. In today’s market, when searching for a home in the Ocala and Marion County areas, you’ll benefit from a relationship with a real estate professional with local community connections.