Industrial For Sale in Gainesville / Alachua County

Investors and business owners looking to buy commercial property in Gainesville have plenty to choose from. From parceled lots in residential subdivisions to office parks, agriculture, and retail, you can find the perfect commercial property for your business plans. Finding the perfect lot that reaches consumers and employees can feel overwhelming, but we can help. Browse current industrial property listings or contact an  Alachua County real estate agent today!

Why Rent Industrial Space When You Can Buy?

With a growing economy and low interest rates, many business owners have seized the opportunity to own the building they work in. Whether you’re a retailer, small company, or medical/dental practice, buying commercial space offers a stable monthly payment, an asset that can increase in value over time, and potential tax benefits. It also provides the flexibility and independence to set up and renovate your space however you see fit.

Industrial Real Estate Offers Attractive Rates Of Return

Not all Gainesville commercial property buyers are small business owners. Some are investors looking to develop and sell or rent their commercial real estate. When it comes to real estate investing, commercial properties generally provide a better rate of return than residences, as well as other benefits such as longer leases.


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