Land For Sale in Citrus County

Find the perfect plot for your Florida dream home and bring your own plans! In Citrus County, there are still many options for land to choose from, from waterfront lots to forested acres. When you have a vision for your new home in mind, you don’t need to settle for a pre-existing property. No matter your budget or plans, our agents can help you find the right land for your new home.

With land for sale in Crystal River, Inverness, Beverly Hills, Citrus Springs, Homosassa, Lecanto, and throughout the county, choose a location, terrain, and price point that’s right for you. Contact a Citrus County realtor.


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Why Buy Land in Citrus County?

Choose your own adventure in Citrus County—whether it’s a rural woodland retreat, riverfront oasis, or lakeside getaway. From planned neighborhoods to raw land, there are many options available for ambitious homebuyers with specific goals or needs for their new residence. 

In Citrus County, prime land is still within reach, giving buyers a unique opportunity to create their own slice of paradise, at prices lower than neighboring regions. With its affordability, proximity to major cities and sites, pristine beaches, and access to outdoor recreation, it’s hard to find a better corner of Florida to build your new home. 

Looking for an investment that’s sure to grow? Demand for properties in Citrus County—an up and coming area—will only continue to expand. Purchase your land today to stay ahead of it.

Create the Perfect Escape For You

Sometimes it’s hard to find a home that fits all your needs and wants. When you purchase your own land, you have the opportunity to design a residence—from size, layout, and style to location and landscaping—that perfectly matches your goals.

Need special accommodations for your family or out-of-town guests? Want a home with the kitchen of your dreams? Need a space for your hobby or business? Not finding what you want in your favorite locale? There are many reasons why customization beats cookie cutter, and purchasing the right property is the first step in creating the right home for you.

Easy Access to Tampa and Orlando

Sought-after destinations throughout Central Florida have experienced population booms, making it harder to find the right fit on budget, and less desirable for individuals looking for the old solace and scenery of the Gulf Coast. In Citrus County you can still enjoy Florida the way it used to be—without sacrificing accessibility to major tourist attractions, cities, and transportation hubs. 

Choose Your Own Landscape

From rural acreage perfect for starting your farmette to riverfront parcels just outside of town, choose the setting for your Florida lifestyle. Citrus County offers great diversity in terrain. From the marshes and lakes of Inverness and Hernando and the forests outside Lecanto to the turquoise springs of Homosassa, select the style of Florida beauty that you want to wake up to every morning.  

Find the Right Land to Build Your Dreams

Enjoy the freedom of creating a home that meets your needs and fulfills your wishes for Florida living when you purchase land in Citrus County. With a range of sizes and price points, our Citrus County realtors can help you find the right choice for your plans.

At Showcase Properties, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of land for sale in Inverness, Homosassa, Crystal River, Beverly Hills, Citrus Springs, Lecanto, and the many smaller communities scattered throughout this idyllic Florida county. Contact us today to explore your options. 

Narrow Your Search

Already know what size estate you’re looking for? Narrow your search by acreage to quickly home in on a parcel that’s perfect for you: