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 2014 Statewide conservative study by the industry – Direct impact

  • The Industry produces about a $1 billion economic impact on the state (racing direct impact)
  • Over $400,000 in payroll taxes
  • More than 12,000 racing-industry jobs
  • The Industry provides an economic impact far greater than spring training baseball which appeals to legislators thanks to the dollars it brings to Florida
  • Florida is the # 2 breeding region in North America
  • Over 20,000 thoroughbreds engage in racing in Florida annually

2015 Marion County breeding region study by the Chamber & Economic Partnership – Direct and Indirect Impact

  • The equine industry accounts for 18% of the GDP for the county ($1.6 billion of the county’s $8.7 billion GDP)
  •  Horses at OBS sold for $142 million last year
  •  $2.62 billion is the reported total economic impact of the equine industry in the county (indirect and direct)
  •  19,209 full and part-time jobs are produced in Marion County thanks to the equine industry

Why Is This Important To You?

  1. Live racing days promote investment in Florida green space and agriculture.
  2. Our billion-dollar horse racing industry employs more than 12,000 statewide, with upside in Ocala/Marion County to all affiliated businesses.
  3. Live racing days are horse-racing investors’ return on investment.
  4. If you have a business in Florida that has any touch-point with Florida horse breeders, owners and trainers, you would be affected if the Decoupling vote passes.
  5. Buying and selling real estate in the Ocala/Marion County would be affected by Decoupling. Property values could deflate and the equine businesses would face challenges and go elsewhere.

For more information on “Decoupling” visit:

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