Living in sunny Florida is a dream for many, but energy consumption in one of the hottest, sunniest parts of the country can turn into a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Check out our tips for slashing your energy costs and your carbon footprint!

Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible, saving hot water for only the dirtiest loads. This simple tip can save about $63 a year!

Turn off appliances like TVs and computers at the power strip when not in use, and unplug phone chargers. Appliances still drain power when turned off or on standby, and phone chargers can suck electricity even when nothing is charging.

Keep blinds and curtains drawn during the day to keep the heat out during the summer. Keep blinds open during the day in the winter to add heat to rooms, and shut them at night to keep the cold air out. Doing this makes it easier for your AC and heater to do its job.

Change your AC filter religiously. A clogged filter will make your AC unit work twice as hard, and may even result in the unit freezing up.

Set your water heater temperature at 120 degrees. This saves energy, but also prevents scalding and bad bacteria buildup. You can even buy special blankets at hardware stores to insulate the heater and prevent heat loss.

Dry one load of clothes immediately after the other to reduce heat loss and warm-up time.

Use fluorescent light bulbs. They use 75% less energy than incandescents, and last 10 times longer.

Keep outdoor hot tubs covered when not in use, and use a solar cover on your pool to naturally heat the water.

Turn off and unplug all appliances that you can when going on vacation, and set your water heater to the lowest setting.

Make sure your ceiling fans run counterclockwise in summer. Run them on low, clockwise, in the winter. Be sure to turn them off when you’re not at home.

Open as many interior doors as possible to let cool air flow freely through the home, easing the burden on your AC.

Avoid using small pots on large burners; this prevents a good deal of heat and energy loss (and keeps your kitchen cooler!).

Take baths, not showers. A five-minute shower uses 7.5 gallons of water. A bath uses about 20. Consider investing in a water-conserving showerhead to maximize savings on your water bill.

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