Ocala Cattle Ranch Land For Sale

Horses may be the cultural heart of Ocala, but cattle is a big industry in North Central Florida as well. Besides the growing trend of raising cattle for Wagyu beef, other livestock can thrive in the Ocala climate. Many of our cattle farm listings include one or more residences and all of the agricultural amenities you need to operate a cattle ranch and raise other livestock such as pigs and chickens. With increasing demand for locally-grown beef, it’s a great time to start or expand your cattle ranch venture.

Explore agriculture land for sale in Ocala and find the perfect cattle farm.

Economic Opportunity

Florida has always been known for its agriculture, but now it’s developing a reputation for animal products as well as other commodities, such as oranges and a variety of produce. Operating a cattle ranch in Ocala is an expanding economic opportunity. With a rising interest in farm-to-table movements and sustainable practices, you can produce organic beef to sell locally to restaurants and individuals, offer a beef CSA, or find a statewide audience (and beyond) for your animal products. Cattle farms can also generate income through on-site tours, a.k.a. agri-tourism, and attractions and production of edible by-products such as a cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.

Features of Ocala Cattle Farms

When you’re in the market for a cattle ranch, it’s important to know what to look for. Our experienced agents can help you consider the features of each property to ensure you find the best match for your plans. Here are some questions to ask as you conduct your cattle ranch search:

  • Are soil conditions appropriate for producing grasses for cattle and other livestock?
  • Does the property have easy access to a natural water supply?
  • Is there enough space for the number of cattle you already own or plan to buy?
  • What condition is existing fencing in?

Besides these livestock-specific questions, purchasing a large land lot also means looking into zoning, easements, road access, and more. Our experienced agents are familiar with local ordinances and laws, so we can help you weigh all the pros and cons of a particular property before you make an offer.

At Showcase Properties, our professional team of realtors consists of long-time Ocala residents, horse lovers, farmers, and life-long Floridians passionate about enriching the community we call home. We specialize in North Central Florida farm properties, and offer local expertise to help our clients Buy and Sell with Confidence. In addition to cattle and agriculture land, our experience also extends to:

As an independent brokerage, we firmly believe that flexibility, teamwork, and dedication are the keys to our customers’ success. Our customers can rest assured that no matter what property type they seek, we’ll find the perfect listing to meet their needs.

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