10-20 Acre Farms For Sale in Ocala, Florida

Marion County’s farm properties for sale come in all shapes and sizes, each with its particular advantages and possibilities. Farms between ten and twenty acres are especially versatile: large enough to meet the needs of trainers and breeders, yet the perfect size to retain a sense of home and leisure.

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Endless Possibilities

The ten-to-twenty farm property range is tailor-made for those seeking to expand their horizons and their operations while keeping things as low-maintenance as possible. These acreages allow more space for paddocks and pasturage, as well as open up possibilities for diversification of land use all on one property. They are also ideal for cattle and other non-equine livestock setups, especially for those testing the waters and starting small.  Equestrians of all disciplines will find that ten-to-twenty acre horse properties offer an abundance of training space with plenty of room for jump fields, round pens, covered arenas, and more. And those looking to build their vision on raw, North Central Florida land will find that a mid-range acreage is the blank canvas they’ve been looking for.

All In One Place

Mid-range acreages effortlessly blend leisure, utility, and equestrian pursuits all on one property, concentrating equine resources close to home. Luxury equestrian estates grants athletes of all disciplines and competition levels maximal control over when, where, and how they train. That means no more boarding, and no more renting facilities—absolute freedom. It also means shifting from working hard to playing hard and back again—without ever setting foot off the farm.

Classic Hospitality & Seamless Workflow

Owning an equestrian estate not only opens up agricultural and training possibilities—but it’s also an entré to a higher caliber of hosting, entertaining, and leisure. Multiple, fully-equipped, and well-appointed living spaces—from pool houses to guest suites—add a touch of classic Southern hospitality to any property. Employee housing and increased business office space also become possibilities, helping operations in every agricultural industry run more smoothly.

A Cost-Effective Decision

Farms above ten acres are especially economical. Per acre, they cost less than smaller farm properties, demonstrating their value not only as large and versatile combinations of work and play, but as excellent and savvy investments.

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