Lori Anderson

Lori Anderson

Ocala Agent, REALTOR®

• OMCAR member, 2024
• Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA)
• Notary Public, State of Florida
• Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
• Hiker (Pacific Northwest), Kayaker

A born New Yorker from Brooklyn and Long Island, Lori has lived in Florida for the past forty years, first to Ocala during the 1980s because of her parents, then Miami for a decade before returning to Ocala in 2016. She knows Marion County well, having lived here “when they got the first Home Depot and Olive Garden”, and has watched it grow into an influential center of the equestrian world.

With a background in administration and management, she has served as a community association manager, organizing HOAs, condos, and housing communities, and has worked with several real estate firms as an office manager – which quickly burgeoned into more than just doing the paperwork and bookkeeping.

“I was doing the books, escrow accounting, state reporting, and most of the marketing,” she explains with a laugh, adding, “At some point I started helping with showing the houses and getting even more involved in the sales side of things.”

She became so knowledgeable through working with her colleagues that it seemed almost inevitable she would become an agent. When someone at the boutique firm she was working at suggested she get her real estate license, she realized it made a lot of sense.

“I got busier than ever after I got my license, but I loved it,” she says.

She came to Showcase because of its supportive team and the active collaboration from broker Valerie Dailey. It was important to Lori that she work with a team that was more intimate and hands-on, rather than a large, sprawling firm.

“There’s a difference and a feel you get with that kind of environment, and Showcase feels very responsive and comfortable for me,” Lori explains. “I wanted a place where I’m a real person with a face and not a number.”

Lori plans to work in residential and commercial properties, but she’s open to a variety of real estate disciplines. “I’m interested in learning as much as I can, and it’s good to be versatile. I can serve myself and my clients better that way.”