According to RealtyTrac’s first quarter 2015 Residential Property Rental Report, Marion County was one of the top Florida markets for single-family residential real estate investment and twelfth overall in the nation. The study broke out potential top markets by generation and also included a list of U.S. markets where rents increased by at least 10 percent year-to-year, as well as “safe havens” – markets where economic conditions make real estate investment relatively safe.
When it comes to the nation’s highest potential return on investment, four Florida counties made the top-20 list, with Marion County coming in at number 12:

7. Pasco County: Annual gross yield: 17.86%
8. Hernando County: Annual gross yield: 17.86%
12. Marion County: Annual gross yield: 16.88%
19. Citrus County: Annual gross yield: 15.30%

For renting to baby boomers, many of whom are testing the waters before deciding to buy in retirement, six Florida counties made the top ten list, with Marion County coming in at number 3. These counties also had some of the largest increases in the percentage of baby boomers in their populations:


1. Hernando County: Annual gross yield 17.86%; increase in baby boomers (2007 to 2013) of 31.45%
2. Pasco County: Annual gross yield 17.86%; increase in baby boomers 17.10%
3. Marion County: Annual gross yield 16.88%; increase in baby boomers 31.95%
5. Citrus County: Annual gross yield 15.30%; increase in baby boomers 35.64%
8. St. Lucie County: Annual gross yield 12.39%; increase in baby boomers 29.39%
9. Volusia County: Annual gross yield 12.29%; increase in baby boomers 17.25%

 According to RealyTrac, “safe-haven” rental markets for investors are areas that have an unemployment rate below the national average of 5.6 percent and annual rental returns of 10 percent or higher. Only one Florida county made the top 10 in that regard: Broward County, with an annual gross yield of 13.10 percent.

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