The effects of Hurricane Irma have been felt far and wide throughout Florida and beyond, but those of us in Marion County who have horses and livestock to care for have been particularly impacted. Resources are stretched thin, and our animals need feed, water, and shelter. Enter the Florida State Agricultural Response Team. SART is a multi-agency group dedicated to helping the agricultural community during natural disasters. Read on for more about how SART can aid you and your animals not only in the aftermath of Irma, but before and after the next major storm as well.

The following information courtesy of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation

“Farmers and ranchers statewide may be experiencing feed, water, and other agricultural-related shortages due to Hurricane Irma’s wrath. The Florida Farm Bureau is a partner of the Florida State Agricultural Response Team, or SART.

SART is a multi-agency group consisting of governmental and private entities. They are dedicated to supporting agriculture by coordinating resources, sharing pertinent information and fostering cooperation between relevant agencies and organizations.

When a natural disaster strikes, thousands of residents, livestock and pets are looking for shelter. SART operates at the local level through County SART organizations on a coordinated preparedness, response, and recovery effort to meet the special needs of animals and agriculture.

Some examples of needs that are being addressed in the state include: mobile animal response equipment, livestock trailer with sheltering supplies, livestock panels, temporary holding pens, slings, or harnessing for animal rescues.

To find emergency resources, contact Florida SART.”

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