If you train, ride, board, or are otherwise active in the equine industry, The American Horse Council needs your help! The Council is taking a survey of the country’s horse owners and equine industry workers in order to promote the benefits of the national industry to policy-makers. Your contribution to the survey will help the American Horse Council get a more accurate picture of the equine industry’s positive economic impact in America, and show lawmakers that horses and horse people matter.

Whether you work at or run a major training facility, live on an Ocala horse farm or equine community, or simply have one or two horses of your own, it’s crucial that you make your voice heard as a Marion County horse person. The Ocala-Marion County area is one of the most active centers of the equine industry in the country, and our equestrian legacy is legendary. Being represented on the survey will greatly help Ocala and Marion County’s horse community thrive.

All personal information gathered by the survey remains private, and unless you want your responses to be anonymously included in district analysis for the Council’s use, only your state and zip code are required to take the survey. It will be available until Tuesday, August 18th.

Click the link below to start the survey and let our leaders know that the equine industry matters!