A manatee swims through the bright blue springs in Citrus county.
Located on the Nature Coast, Citrus County provides an idyllic setting for prospective homeowners, offering a combination of affordability, outdoor recreation opportunities, scenic wildlife, and a high quality of life.

What does Citrus County offer that makes it so popular among locals and transplants alike?

• An Escape from Florida Crowds: With only about 140,000 residents total, Citrus County offers a mix of suburban and rural living experiences—a stone’s throw from Tampa and Orlando.

• A Low Cost of Living: The total cost of living, including housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities, is 12.2% lower than the U.S. average and 14.8% lower than the average for Florida.

• Unadulterated Outdoor Beauty: From boating in the gulf and kayaking the turquoise rivers and springs to hiking the forested trails of inland Citrus County, there is no shortage of scenic Florida beauty to enjoy in our parks and preserves.

There are many unique pockets of Citrus County—perfect for a variety of lifestyle preferences and needs. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best cities and communities to live in here in Sunny Citrus County, to help you narrow your search and find the right homebase for your lifestyle needs.

The Best Communities to Move to in Citrus County


1. Crystal River

Crystal River is one of the Gulf Coast’s most picturesque locales, serving as a portal to the shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico and the natural beauty of inland Florida. With its jewel-toned springs, tidal estuaries, and sandy shores, Crystal River stands as one of the most scenic locales in Citrus County.

Median Home Price: Crystal River real estate is much sought-after, and the current average home price is $291,400, about 16% lower than the national average, but slightly higher than other communities in Citrus County.

Local Attractions: From state parks to cultural centers, Crystal River has sites of interest for all tastes and lifestyles. Explore Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River Archeological State Park, or Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, check out Franklin Anderson Gallery of Arts, or dine in one of dozens of acclaimed eateries.

Top Activities: Crystal River is best known for its water sports. Swim with dolphins and manatee, go kayaking on the river and its tributaries, or take the boat out for a day of premier Gulf Coast fishing.

Citrus County Highlights


2. Homosassa Springs

A long-lasting relic of Florida’s original fishing villages, Homosassa Springs provides a rare glimpse into authentic Gulf Coast living. Watch the manatee play in the warm waters of Homosassa Spring, explore the waterfront streets, and enjoy fresh-caught seafood at one of many renowned local restaurants. Offering an array of real estate choices catering to diverse preferences—and budgets—Homosassa Spring’s charming community is an ideal retreat for individuals seeking the Old Florida way of life.

Median Home Price: The current average home price is $174,700, nearly half the price of the national average, making this community an attractive choice for first-time homebuyers in Citrus County.

Local Attractions: Homosassa Springs offers something for everyone. History buffs can explore Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Park, and learn more about the complex past of our region. Nature enthusiasts will delight in Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, home to many native and endangered species from manatee and alligators to Florida panthers, red wolves.

Top Activities: Outdoor enjoyment is a way of life in Homosassa Springs. Paddle boarding along the springs, scalloping along the shores, fishing, boating, and observing manatee and other beloved Florida species up close, are just a few ways to spend coastal Florida’s sunny, endless days.

Citrus County

3. Inverness

Inverness, the county seat of Citrus County, is known for its historic downtown area, local festivals, and access to inland, native landscapes, making it ideal for individuals who appreciate a blend of history, community, and outdoor living. One visit to this charming town is all it takes to capture your heart.

Median Home Price: The current average home price is $229,900, 47.1% lower than the national average.

Local Attractions: Inverness is a destination steeped in history. The historic downtown, featuring the Citrus County Courthouse, famous Valerie Theatre, and many quaint shops and restaurants, will take you back to a simpler time. For outdoor and adventurous types, Fort Cooper State Park, featuring the Seminole Heritage Trail, is a must-see destination for history and nature.

Top Activities: Shopping in the quaint town center, bicycling along the Withlacoochee State Trail, the longest paved recreation trail in Florida, or attending a show at Valerie Theatre are all great ways to spend your leisure time in Inverness. Need for speed? Catch a race day at Citrus County Speedway.


4. Sugarmill Woods

For those seeking an active lifestyle, Sugarmill Woods can serve as an excellent base for Florida activities, including freshwater and saltwater fishing, boating, hiking, and swimming. And with a variety of parks, museums, and historical sites?, plus top-notch medical facilities, Sugarmill Woods offers a well-rounded community to call home.

Median Home Price: The current average home price is $227,600, 48.6% lower than the national average.

Local Attractions: This Nature Coast community has wonderful parks and preserves that attract visitors from all over the state and beyond, including Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge, a significant habitat for marine life with numerous hiking and paddling opportunities, and Withlacoochee State Forest, where you can stroll through towering pine canopies.

Top Activities: Enjoy Birding and hiking in the forests surrounding Sugarmill Woods, with over 250 avian species spotted locally, and many trails for getting up close to nature. A golfer’s paradise, the area also boasts four golf courses including Sugarmill Woods Country Club, Oak Village Sports Complex, Southern Woods Golf Club, and World Woods Golf Course.


5. Citrus Hills

With Citrus Hills’s abundance of community centers, parks, and recreational facilities, experience a high quality of life in this Citrus County locale. The Villages of Citrus Hills, a prestigious residential neighborhood that offers resort-style living and a worry-free lifestyle, is one of the most famous planned communities in the county.

Median Home Price: The current average home price is $306,000, 10.5% lower than the national average.

Local Attractions: Citrus Hills lies due north of Citrus Wildlife Management Area, offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and ATVs. Resident sports and leisure enthusiasts flock to Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club, an upscale recreational haven offering premier golfing facilities and luxurious amenities.

Top Activities: Golf at one of the various local courses, explore the Rockwood Park Walking/Biking Trail, or drive ten minutes west to the Gulf Coast shores to enjoy a day at the beach.

Citrus County

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