A newly constructed home

Historically low mortgage rates and new flexibility in Americans’ office environments have led to a bustling real estate economy. Real estate in Florida continues to thrive and pre-existing home inventory remains low. Demand for new construction is rising not only in Florida but across the country. Supply chain disruptions, escalating lumber costs, and labor shortages are increasing both the time it takes to complete new builds and the cost of new homes. While it’s taking longer to build new custom homes, there are still plenty of opportunities for new construction in Marion County Florida as well as a selection of new construction homes for sale in Alachua County. With a little extra planning and some patience, we’re sure you can have the brand-new home of your dreams.

How do you find pre-construction homes for sale?

Search for new construction in a community

If you’re interested in living in an established neighborhood community, you still have options for building a custom home. Building a new home in a neighborhood provides a sense of community and direct access to beneficial services and amenities. Buildable lots in a community are designed to incorporate utility access for your new home. Neighborhood features such as sidewalks, common areas, pools, and tennis courts are often integrated into the community as well. Some local communities that offer buildable lots and pre-construction homes include: Hidden Oaks Lakefront Country Estates – Neighborhood lots on 159th Lane currently have pre-construction available for three-bedroom and four-bedroom homes. Woodlands of Belchase – Presale executive homes await your finishing touches Silver Hammock Preserve – New constructions include a five bedroom home situated on 5 acres

Building a new home in a neighborhood offers a sense of community

Discover 55+ communities Florida is also known for its incredible 55+ communities. Ocala Palms, Del Webb Stone Creek, Oak Run, and On Top of the World are just a few of Marion County’s active adult communities. If you are over the age of 55 and looking for a new community, take a moment to explore these options in your home search. You might be surprised to discover the benefits of building your new home in a 55+ community. Search for new construction in the area If HOA’s and next-door neighbors aren’t part of your new home dreams, you can still find new construction throughout Marion County and Central Florida. Pre-construction homes are searchable through the MLS, though they are not always labeled as new.  You’ll find listings similar to this three-bedroom home when researching pre-construction and new construction homes in Ocala.

You can find new construction in Marion County

How do you build a home on your own land?

While buying a pre-construction home is a simple process that results in a brand-new home tailored to your unique taste, building a home from scratch is a more complicated process. If you currently live in Central Florida, you might have an idea of the area where you’d like to build and knowledge of local builders. If you’re moving to Florida from another state, chances are you aren’t familiar with the local building process. That’s ok! If you’re wondering how to build a house in Florida, we can help.

Choose your land

At Showcase Properties we understand that our clients aren’t necessarily local experts. Our agents will partner with Central Florida builders and guide you through the process that leads to your dream home. The first step to building your home from scratch is finding the right piece of land to build on. Our agents can help identify areas or features that might narrow your search. A full listing of residential land for sale in Florida and vacant land for sale in Florida can be found on the Showcase Properties website.  One advantage to working with Showcase Properties is that we have a group of builders that we work with to build your dream home once you find that perfect plot of land.

Plan the Build

Not only do home builders get to design their perfect home from floorplan to light fixtures, new materials and appliances often save homeowners money for the first few years of ownership. A newly built house has the latest energy-saving devices and insulation, saving you money on heating, cooling, and electricity. New roofs, HVAC systems, and appliances come with warranties that cover your repairs should anything happen. According to a 2020 Homeadvisor.com survey, the average cost to build a house in Florida is between $240,000 to $350,000. Now that material costs have gone up, you can assume that number is increasing. Fool.com reports that the average price of a new single-family home this year has risen by $35,872. Plan to budget for all stages of the building process, including:


  • Land – The cost of land varies greatly based on location, acreage, and terrain
  • Architecture and Engineering – Plans, drawings, permits, and inspections for your new construction
  • Land Improvements – Excavation of your property and creating the foundation for your home is a large expense
  • House Framing – Walls, windows, doors, and a roof make up your framing expense
  • Mechanical Installation – Electrical wiring, heat, and plumbing come with their own budget line
  • Interior Finishes – Cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, and fixtures can add up quickly
  • Final Touches – Don’t forget to budget for driveway installation, window coverings, and landscaping
Building a new home costs more but for some it is worth it

Funding your New Home Construction

When building a house in Florida, you’ll start to incur expenses way before you have a new home to move into. In fact, you’ll probably have a monthly mortgage payment on your current home in addition to paying for your new build. There are two main types of construction loans offered by most banks. A traditional two-close construction loan consists of two separate loans to cover the construction and final product. First, you apply for and close on a construction loan to pay for the building process. Once your house is complete, your construction loan is terminated and you enter into a new mortgage loan on your completed home. The cost to build a home in Florida can include:

  • The land purchase
  • Building plans, permits, and fees
  • Construction labor and materials
  • Reserves in case the house comes in over budget
  • Interest reserves so you don’t pay interest during construction

The second option is a single-close construction loan. This modern loan offering seamlessly transitions your construction loan into a traditional mortgage once the build is complete. You only close once, which saves you money on closing costs.

Another Option for Equestrian Enthusiasts

Why not combine your love of horses with your dream home? Ocala is known as the Horse Capital of the World for good reason. Equine homesites are plentiful and local real estate agents know just how to help you (and your horses) find the perfect land to build on. Existing equestrian property and horse farms are just waiting for you to add your custom home. You can even build in an equestrian community and experience the camaraderie and safety of horse-loving neighbors. Your horse will feel at home, and you can build your dream house on a horse farm.

Equestrian enthusiasts can build in an equine community or on farm land.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home in Florida?

Whether you choose a pre-construction home in an established community or decide to build from the ground up on a new piece of land, Showcase Properties of Central Florida is here to help. Our experienced real estate agents know what it takes to successfully build a new home in Florida. If you have questions about the home building process or buying new construction, we have answers. Browse our current listings for residential land, new construction homes, and 55+ communities. Talk to a real estate agent today to help narrow down your search or get the information you need to start building. We can’t wait to have you as our neighbor!

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