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Valerie Dailey

Linda Adamson

Agent, Ocala REALTOR®

“Linda seemed to know better than we did what we were looking for. In an age where a buyer can look at a plethora of properties on line, one tends to think they know which homes to look at. Wrong. Linda showed us a few homes like that and we were way off. She found us the perfect home at the right price. She never tired and did not rest until she found it. THANKS LINDA!!”

– Ricky Z

“Linda was prompt, efficient, courteous and professional throughout the sales transactions.  She offered details to buyers  that helped us receive a total of 7 offers, several of which were over the listing price.  Linda definitely possesses the knowledge, experience and professionalism I was looking for in a Real Estate professional.  I would highly recommend her, and partner with her anytime.

Beth Schultheis

• Member of Elks Lodge #2522, and the Women of the Moose
HOA Board – Officer / Director, 12 years

• Guardian ad Litem for the 5th Judicial Court in Marion County
Certified Wedding and Event Planner
Certified Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor

With a diverse background in everything from event planning, emergency medicine, financial and legal fields, and ultimately, real estate, Linda Adamson is focused on using her experience to help both buyers and sellers realize their vision.

“Medicine was originally the career I wanted to go into; that was my heart’s desire,” she explains. “But life took a different turn. I relied on my administrative skills, and that evolved into working with real estate attorneys, which resulted in getting my real estate license.”

Linda has been a licensed agent for 22 years and has lived in Ocala with her husband John since 1997; she knows Marion County well. She started as a business broker, successfully selling numerous businesses in the Ocala area, and ultimately held the position of Resale and Property Manager for On Top of the World – the largest 55+ community in the county.

“I always say what’s meant for you happens for you, even if it’s not what you originally planned. You try to use every blessing that’s given you. My wedding and admin experience, for instance, required a lot of attention to detail and enhanced my ability to communicate effectively.” she says. “That helped me a lot in my career, and it’s made me a better agent.”

Her background in the real estate industry includes extensive experience with active adult communities and their various deed restrictions, an understanding of the probate process, and experience in the legal field. Her wealth of knowledge and skills makes Linda an advocate and asset to her customers.

In her spare time, she enjoys a variety of creative pursuits, such as sewing, quilting, gardening, cooking, baking, dancing, and piano (for her ears only). She also spends time with her children, three grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, all of whom live in the area.

Fun Questions with Linda

What’s your favorite aspect of living in Marion County? I love the diversity, the change of seasons, and warmth of the local residents.

What keeps you passionate about real estate? The satisfaction of knowing you contributed to another individual’s happiness. It’s incomparable.

What do you do in your spare time? I volunteer for Guardian ad Litem, and various community activities. I also bake, garden, and sew.

Cats, dogs, or neither? Dogs!, I have a wonderful, lovable little white Maltese.

Who do you admire most, and why? Mother Teresa for her humility, compassion, and service to those less fortunate. She left wealth and a comfortable life to help those who had little, while asking nothing in return. 

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