A beautiful pool with grotto.

Things to consider before diving in

At Showcase we think pools are not only fabulous but also fun for your family. There’s no doubt that they’re a nice home feature to have in Florida during the hot summer. However, pools are not for everyone. During our years in the industry we’ve seen a variety of client needs and wants when looking for that perfect property. Every client is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet individual needs. So if you’re on the fence as to whether you want to consider a home with a pool, here’s a short list of pros and cons:


• Aesthetics: Pools often increase the appeal and beauty of any backyard.

• Entertainment: Pools can often be used as entertainment sites and are a great way to get the whole neighborhood or family together.

• Refreshing: Pools in Florida provide relaxation and a much needed cool down on warm summer days.

• Exercise: Swimming and water aerobics are some of the best ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and can be done at the luxury of your own home.

• Added value: Swimming pools can bring added value at resale. The National Association of Realtors says an in-ground pool adds about 7.7% more in value to the home’s market value.


• Maintenance: Pools require year round maintenance including cleaning, chemicals, and repair.

• Safety: Owning a pool with young children can be risky. Fences or covers must be in place to prevent accidents.

• Yard Space: Pools consume valuable yard space, and can make a small yard seem even smaller.

• Cost: You won’t just be paying for the pool, but also the additional home insurance, heating and maintenance cost.

Whatever your home buying preference, the Showcase Properties team can help you find a home that’s perfect for you. And if your preference is the enjoyment of your own pool, look for future posts on things to keep in mind when owning a home with a pool and on pool safety.

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