Why Choose a Realtor or a Real-Estate Team?

Realtors are licensed real estate professionals who do much more than help you find your perfect home. They are expert negotiators, seasoned financial advisers, and have a deep knowledge of the communities they serve. When searching for a home in the Ocala and Marion County areas,  you’ll reap all of these benefits and more from a partnership with a  real estate professional. They’ll give you the guidance you need on market trends so you don’t overpay for the home you want, providing key negotiating leverage with the seller or their agent. In addition to being experts in their field, realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and must abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice enforced by the NAR. With their expertise and high standards of service, a professional realtor is your best resource when buying your home.

What does a Good Realtor Look Like in the Home Buying Process?

The relationship between buyer and realtor is extremely important, especially for a first-time buyer. Since your realtor is representing you personally, choose a realtor whom you feel understands your needs and works in a timely, professional manner. Your realtor will be your front-person in all negotiations. A real estate agent’s regional expertise allows the agent to identify long-term value in your property as well as provide you with valuable local resources that may be relevant to your home-buying needs and objectives.

Take your time choosing the right realtor. Examine not only the quantity of their inventory but also the number of days their listings have been on the market–just because a brokerage has a large quantity of inventory does not mean they are selling well. Also be willing to ask incisive questions about their sale and inventory statistics; a good realtor will be open, honest and trustworthy. In their competitive analysis, they should be forthright with you if your dream home is priced right for the market and neighborhood–not just trying to close the sale at your expense. Markets are often filled with overpriced homes, and an agent who knows your needs will be able to filter through the chaff to present you with the perfect options.

In the end, a good realtor will save you money, not cost you money!

Realtor Team Check List

Look for someone who will:

1. be committed to putting their expertise to work for you
2. represent you in a professional manner
3. skillfully negotiate with homeowners and agents
4. use their community and market knowledge to your advantage
5. give you access to local resources

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