Is your family planning to relocate to the beautiful Ocala area or anywhere in Marion County Florida? If so, you’re making the right choice! Get ready to ditch the snow shovel and instead look forward to waking up to more than 230 days of sunshine a year. Despite how exciting a long-distance move can be, it’s also a huge and stressful undertaking. In addition to basic considerations like making sure your utilities will be turned on and your address is changed with the post office, there are also much larger issues that many people forget to consider before they move. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are a few key topics to tackle before you hit the road.

1. Be Aware of Where You’re Going 

We may not know where it is you’re moving from, but we can promise that if you’re moving to Marion County, you better be prepared for some sunny weather! Treat yourself to a killer bathing suit (or two, or three) and a few new pairs of sunglasses, and be sure to stock up on sunscreen. Don’t be shy about investing in some sandals, either: it’s totally acceptable down here to wear them both on Publix runs and to weddings. Even though autumn in Florida is almost nonexistent and the sunshine continues through the winter months, it can get a little chilly every now and then (by Florida standards!), so be sure to save a few choice sweaters and coats from the donation pile.

Once you’re dressed for the sun and UV-protected, you’ll probably want to know how to get around gorgeous Marion County. Showcase is here to help! Whether you want to get outside and seize the day with hiking or canoeing, or like to keep it cool indoors with some yummy brunch or an icy cocktail, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide variety of maps available at our office that highlight the area’s abundant attractions, hot spots, resources, and historical landmarks. Stop by any time during business hours to pick up yours and start exploring Marion County!

2. Declutter Ahead of Time

While you’re bagging up those extra sweaters and coats to drop off at Goodwill, go ahead and take it a step further! Now’s the time to start anew: donate any dated or unwanted décor, or even hold a yard sale to purge all unwanted items from your old home. Freshen up your new digs with updated furniture and decorations—you deserve it! There are several excellent furniture stores in the area to help you make a fresh start in your new home, including Koontz, Blocker’s, and Kane’s. For quick and inexpensive essentials, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Burlington Coat Factory are all in town or nearby.

3. Make a Schedule

You’ll find that time really flies when you’re planning a long-distance move, so creating a schedule ahead of time (and sticking to it!) can prove to be a very helpful tool to avoid running out of time. An easy way to organize a moving schedule is in countdown form, with sections at two months, six weeks, one month, two weeks, and one week before.

The two-month mark is great for big-picture stuff: sorting and purging items, researching the area you’ll be moving to, getting quotes from moving companies, and organizing important records related to school and work. Six weeks out is a good time to procure packing supplies, use up perishables, and check measurements in the new home to make sure everything will fit through the door. A month before moving day is when non-essential items should be packed and labeled, moving arrangements confirmed, and important parties like banks and utility companies notified of your move. It’s also a good time to forward medical records, change your address, and secure all valuables. Two weeks before is for checking and double-checking: make sure your moving arrangements are in order so there are no last-minute surprises, and have your car serviced to avoid any moving day transportation issues. In the final week before the move, be sure to pack suitcases and have any prescriptions refilled. Defrost the freezer, make sure your payment for the movers is secure, and you’re ready to go!

4. The More Help, the Better!

When it comes to proper packing and logistics, a long-distance move is very different from a simple move across town. If you’re moving across states, it’s a very good idea to bring in professional movers to help. The professionals will be trained to pack and move all of your belongings safely, without scratching furniture or smashing breakables. However, make sure you are certain of exactly what date and time your new home will be available so that your movers arrive at the right time. Being wrong about the delivery date could be an expensive mistake if the movers are forced to store your items overnight. Ocala and Gainesville area movers include Pardee Moving and Storage, Affordable Moving USA, U-Pack, and Consolidated Moving and Transport.  Want more moving tips? Check out our tips on how to make your relocation experience a stress-free one.

We hope these tips help you to make an easy, stress-free move to the Horse Capital of the World! Marion County can’t wait to have you in the community.

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