There are many steps to the home-selling process, and one of the most crucial is making sure your home looks enticing to buyers.
“But my home already looks great!” you might contend. “Do I really need to stage my home before selling it?” The answer is “absolutely!” Check out the helpful infographic below to learn more about how staging nets you more return on investment and gets your home sold faster.

Home Staging is a powerful tool in marketing your home. But it’s also important to note that staging that works for one home may not work for another. Taking into consideration the condition of the home, market stats, and neighborhood comparables are important to determine the amount of effort your home requires to give the best return on investment.

Un-staged vacant homes in particular can benefit from a professional staging job. On average, vacant un-staged homes stay on the market an average of 78% longer than their staged counter-parts. Extra mortgage payments with the added stress of extra time on the market can add make for a tense selling experience.

Vacant or occupied, no one wants their home sitting on the market for months. Most buyers agree that the longer a home sits, the less appealing it appears. Having your home Staged before listing, rather than after, can ultimately mean more dollars for you, in a shorter amount of time.

So, the question remains. Is staging necessary? May not. Is it profitable? Always. Experienced REALTORS® know that staged homes sell faster, and for more money. House Hunt reports that, on average, home Staging sees a whopping 586% return on investment. Talk about bang for your buck.

Wondering if staging could benefit your selling endeavors? Contact a Showcase agent for more details on how staging could impact your listing. For more information on staging, take a look at our blog Staging Your Home to Sell

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