Luxury is subjective. What you consider to be your ideal Ocala luxury house for sale could be very different to what your neighbor or someone you know is looking for.

Whether you’re after a waterfront home, a unique equestrian property, or a country club house for sale in Ocala or elsewhere in Marion County, we’re here to guide you through some of the top choices for luxury real estate in the area.

Waterfront Properties

As a peninsula state, Florida is well known for its beaches. But you don’t necessarily have to live with an ocean view to have a luxury waterfront property. Home along rivers, lakes, and ponds are incredibly popular throughout the Sunshine State, with many 55+ communities offering waterfront views to their residents.

With soaring summer temperatures, having the option to dip your feet into the water just outside your home is a perk that many luxury homes offer. Lakefront properties offer water sports enthusiasts the chance to boat, water ski, and paddle board directly from their own homes. For those looking for a quieter pace, there’s nothing quite like fishing straight from your backyard.

Rainbow River, Lake Weird, Silver Springs and Lake Kerr are all stunning bodies of water in Marion County, with Crystal River and Lake Griffin sitting just outside the county’s borders. If you’re looking for an Ocala luxury property for sale with easy access to the water, Marion County has exactly what you’re after.

Homes with a Pool

If you can’t find a waterfront home but still want to enjoy a cool off in the hot Florida weather, looking for Ocala homes for sale with a pool is going to be a good option.

Having your own private pool can significantly increase the curb appeal of your backyard, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to sell in the future. They’re a great spot for entertaining your friends and family year-round, while providing a refreshing spot to keep cool and active.

Unlike waterfront properties, homes with a pool can be much easier to maintain. You will need to budget for some maintenance, though. Private pools require chemicals to stay clean and usable, while any lights or heating systems you have can add to your electricity bill.

Homes with an Outdoor Kitchen

With Florida’s excellent weather, many residents love to have the opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible. If you love to cook, a home with an outdoor kitchen can add even more luxury to your waterfront or poolside space.

Outdoor kitchens became increasingly popular during COVID when activities outside the home were discouraged. As a result, your luxury realtor in Ocala will be able to find you a property that has special features like this to really make your home feel high-end and extravagant.

Ocala Horse Farms

For the ultimate horse enthusiast, finding a luxury horse ranch for sale can feel like hitting the jackpot. Ocala is the horse capital of the world, so you’ll find plenty of practice facilities, breeders, and feed sellers nearby to cater for your four-legged family members.

Many Ocala luxury ranches for sale come with their own tracks and training facilities, so you can exercise your horses on your own property. Not only are the properties unique and beautiful, the houses that are just as stunning, making these Marion County luxury horse farms the perfect home for both you and your horses.

If you can’t find an Ocala ranch that’s right for you, you can also consider purchasing land and building your own luxury horse farm. Talk to a horse farm realtor about property for sale with enough land for both your home and to keep your horses, or even other existing farms for sale that you could convert to a ranch.

Homes with Acreage

Even if you don’t have animals that need plenty of space to run around or graze on, buying a home with acreage can still be an excellent move when you’re looking for a property. Ocala residential acreage for sale can give you a high level of privacy, a luxury that many of us can appreciate.

Acreage gives you options and the freedom to use the land however you’d like. You could build a backyard resort with a pool and outdoor kitchen or use several acres to indulge in growing your own vegetables or herbs.

If you like to travel and have an RV or boat that needs storing, a property with acreage can save you money long-term in storage facility fees. And when you have your large equipment on your own land, it makes packing up for a spontaneous trip even easier.

Homes that come with acreage are also typically bigger than those with smaller outside spaces. Not only does this increase the overall value of the property, but you’ll have enough space to invite your friends and family to stay or add luxury additions to your home like a movie room, a spacious master suite, or any other rooms that you need.

Country Club Living in Marion County

If you dream of spending your days playing golf, Marion County is one of the best choices you could make. With plenty of private and public golf courses throughout the county, finding an Ocala home for sale near a country club won’t be too much of a challenge.

Many of the golf communities throughout Florida are 55+, making them the ideal place to retire and find like-minded friends and neighbors to enjoy your retirement years with. These 55+ communities often offer resort-style living, with luxury country clubs featuring gyms, tennis courts, pools, spas, and dining options. Read more about buying a home in a 55+ community. 

Finding a luxury home that’s safe and secure is many people’s top priority, so choosing a property within a gated community can help you feel protected at all times. You won’t need to worry about crime in the area and, instead, can focus all your attention on playing golf, enjoying an afternoon at the country club spa, and making the best of Florida’s year-round sunny weather.

Expensive Homes

For many people, luxury and expensive homes go hand-in-hand. As an Ocala luxury real estate agency, Showcase Properties often sells homes valued at half a million dollars or more.

If you’re looking for a luxury home for sale in Ocala that’s over $450,000, we can help you find the perfect property to suit your requirements.

New Construction

While some may view a multi-million-dollar home as the ultimate luxury, others simply see luxury as being able to purchase a brand-new home.

Buying a new construction means that you won’t need to think about repairing anything when you move in, or for several years after. You’ll be able to design and build a home that’s right for you from the ground up, fitting in all the aspects that you’ve always dreamed of having.

You can also buy a pre-built new build home if finding land and designing a home doesn’t work for you. The new construction market in Florida continues to thrive, so there’s plenty of options to look at in all types of communities throughout Marion County.

Homes with a Fireplace

Having a fireplace or two in your home was once a necessity for heating. Although that’s not the case any more, a big fireplace in your living space can add some cozy luxury in the winter months.

Florida may not be known for its cold weather though, so you might be wondering when you’d actually use a fireplace. But having one in your home is a great backup for when the electricity goes out or simply to add a method of eco-friendly heating to your home for the winter.

And even if you never light the fire, a beautiful mantel at the center of your home makes decorating for the holidays even more special.

Find Your Luxury Home in Marion County

No matter what you consider luxury, Showcase Properties will help you find your dream home. Learn more about the beautiful area we call home and contact a luxury realtor in Ocala today to start your property search.